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Premiere Music & Audio Engineering Education

A premiere and zealous conservatory in south India established by Jam Music Education as their pre-eminent institution to provide higher level education in music & audio engineering.

Situated at Kochi in the state of Kerala, known as ‘God’s own country’ surrounded by misty hills, quaint backwaters, lush fields and dense forests along-with the rich tradition in Carnatic and percussive music, Jam Music Conservatory offers programs with innovative curriculum and a blend of traditional and contemporary world music.

Our renowned and globally experienced faculty at JMC, will motivate, educate & consistently guide you through the journey of exploring music in a supportive atmosphere with individual attention, well designed classrooms, recording studio and concert hall accompanied with the support; of performers, educators, engineers and industry experts who call on JMC to offer informative events, educational clinics and master classes along-with comprehensive array of opportunities for students to exhibit their personal breakthroughs or performances, enable us to place a strong emphasis on each student. In consideration of our audio engineering students, we are in co-ordination with the New-York based Engine Room Audio in US for providing internships.

JMC offer's you one of the country’s most creative, transformative musical experience and makes you feel that you’re involved in and can part with an institution that is persistent to the excellence of music. We welcome you to this unique and state-of-the-art facility for a lifetime learning experience in music & in career.

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